Sander Kooijmans

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My name is Sander Kooijman, 33 years old, and this year will be my 2nd year as president of the DFA. Last year we have laid a pretty neat foundation. This year we intend to build upon it.

For example, we intend to:

– Revamp the website and administration (Chris)
– Organise regular outdoor diving events for our members (Sander)
– Make available training exercises/schedules for our members (Christopher)
– Keep you well informed and make it possible for members to borrow DFA buoys for outdoor diving (Jack)
– Actively promote our sport to NOB associations to increase our member base and to make available more pools for indoor training.

And much more.

Us being part of the NOB is important – if not alone because members and the board are properly insured. But we as a community together doing fun stuff is key!