Christopher Henrich

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My name is Christopher Henrich, or short Chris, i just turned 37 and was born in Vienna, Austria.
I have been living in the Netherlands for almost 11 years now and yes, I still haven’t had enough time to practice my written Dutch well enough !
When it comes to speaking Dutch it’s not much of an issue anymore though

I firmly believe that safety has to be the main aspect (next to “having fun” of course) of the sport and I have participated as safety-diver during competitions here in the Netherlands and in Belgium, and I am also one of the members of the Dutch Freediving Safety Team (DFST), which is currently in the making.
Taking this into consideration, it of course makes sense that in the DFA I will pick up responsibilities in regards to saftey, the DFST, as well as leading the communication with AIDA international (and basically jump in wherever else it is required).

If there are any questions about me, or the DFA in general, please don’t hesitate to ask.