Chris Hilferink

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My name is Chris Hilferink, 46 years old, born and raised in the Netherlands.
I lived 2 years in Colombia and 7 years in Belgium, and since 2012 back in the Netherlands.

My biggest passion is, off course…. Freediving.
For me freediving is not about the competition to go deepest, or swim the furthest.
For me freediving is all about returning to the water, the element where we started in our evolution as species, and where we started in the first 9 month of our own personal lives.
It’s about the freedom to move (fly) in 3 dimensions, as well as to overcome the limitations in my perception, and to expand my consciousness.
The whales and the dolphins went back from the land to the sea, and with them a lot of other species, so they show what is possible if you really want it bad enough…

In the meantime, while waiting for evolution to kick in, I will devote some of my time to support the DFA goals and activities, and also succeed Belinda Toes, as new treasurer (penningmeester) of the DFA, with great thanks for her work and effort.

The rest of my free time I can help you expand your consciousness (which also helps to enjoy freediving even more…) so I don’t end up swimming alone in that vast ocean