Hier vind je de belangrijkste informatie over deze Nederlandse freediving bond, wat de DFA voor jou kan betekenen en alles over evenementen, trainingen en activiteiten door en voor de leden van de DFA.

De DFA is de Nederlandse vertegenwoordiging van AIDA International (Association Internationale pour le Développement de l'Apnée ), de grootste freediving organisatie ter wereld. Wat dit voor jou als freediver betekent kun je lezen onder "AIDA International"

Als je lid wilt worden van de DFA kun je alle informatie vinden op de pagina "Lid worden".

Zijn er nog vragen onbeantwoord, neem gerust contact met ons op, per mail op info@dfa.nu

DFA Bestuur


My name is Sander Kooijman, 33 years old, and this year will be my 2nd year as president of the DFA. Last year we have laid a pretty neat foundation. This year we intend to build upon it.

For example, we intend to:

– Revamp the website and administration (Chris)
– Organise regular outdoor diving events for our members (Sander)
– Make available training exercises/schedules for our members (Christopher)
– Keep you well informed and make it possible for members to borrow DFA buoys for outdoor diving (Jack)
– Actively promote our sport to NOB associations to increase our member base and to make available more pools for indoor training.

And much more.

Us being part of the NOB is important – if not alone because members and the board are properly insured. But we as a community together doing fun stuff is key!


My name is Chris Hilferink, 46 years old, born and raised in the Netherlands.
I lived 2 years in Colombia and 7 years in Belgium, and since 2012 back in the Netherlands.

My biggest passion is, off course…. Freediving.
For me freediving is not about the competition to go deepest, or swim the furthest.
For me freediving is all about returning to the water, the element where we started in our evolution as species, and where we started in the first 9 month of our own personal lives.
It’s about the freedom to move (fly) in 3 dimensions, as well as to overcome the limitations in my perception, and to expand my consciousness.
The whales and the dolphins went back from the land to the sea, and with them a lot of other species, so they show what is possible if you really want it bad enough…

In the meantime, while waiting for evolution to kick in, I will devote some of my time to support the DFA goals and activities, and also succeed Belinda Toes, as new treasurer (penningmeester) of the DFA, with great thanks for her work and effort.

The rest of my free time I can help you expand your consciousness (which also helps to enjoy freediving even more…) so I don’t end up swimming alone in that vast ocean


Beste DFA leden, Ik wil mijzelf graag even officieel voorstellen als nieuwe secretaris van de DFA, sinds zaterdag 30 januari waar ik het stokje van Peter Ronkes heb overgenomen.
Mijn naam is Jack Vijgen, 50 jaar, en ik ben een gepassioneerd freediver en sportduiker.
In de aankomende periode zal ik verantwoordelijk zijn voor veel uitingen in de sociale media namens de DFA, en samen met de andere bestuursleden en leden wil ik de DFA uitbouwen tot een mooie vereniging waar iedere freediver lid van wil zijn 😃

Verder zal ik mij gaan inzetten voor de judges die verbonden zijn aan de DFA, en zal ik de materialen beheren.

Algemeen bestuurslid

My name is Christopher Henrich, or short Chris, i just turned 37 and was born in Vienna, Austria.
I have been living in the Netherlands for almost 11 years now and yes, I still haven’t had enough time to practice my written Dutch well enough !
When it comes to speaking Dutch it’s not much of an issue anymore though

I firmly believe that safety has to be the main aspect (next to “having fun” of course) of the sport and I have participated as safety-diver during competitions here in the Netherlands and in Belgium, and I am also one of the members of the Dutch Freediving Safety Team (DFST), which is currently in the making.
Taking this into consideration, it of course makes sense that in the DFA I will pick up responsibilities in regards to saftey, the DFST, as well as leading the communication with AIDA international (and basically jump in wherever else it is required).

If there are any questions about me, or the DFA in general, please don’t hesitate to ask.